Blogging at its best 


The Mission 

The Acts website is another website belonging to the Mimshack family. This is a blog style website showcasing different articles and videos which share stories of lives changed which we see on a weekly basis. This highlight site was created to highlight some of those stories. 

Design Breif 

To be a unique, simple to use website where users can read different stories fast. It was also to include a simple invitation for readers to join one of the WhatsApp groups associated with this site.

Colors and Fonts 

The website colors where to link with the Instragram profile, which was highlighting gradient designs consiting of orange, blue, magenta and white. The font brief was clean and simple to read. 

Delivery Timeframe 

Being an inhouse project we wanted it done yesterday, but in reality we knew it had to happen around other projcets the team where working on. 

The process...

The project initially started with a need to showcase the blogs. During the design process, it was identified that there was also a need to have a strong connection for viewers to know who was involved in these stories, for readers to feel like they knew who was behind the screen. An about us page including a timeline was incorporated to communicate this information. The website interlinks in structure helping to create one story for the visitor.  

The stats 

  • 2 weeks
  • 20 hours 

The struggles... 

Finding a blog structure that was simple to read, could embedd video without ruining design and gave a simple to use effect. 

The wins 

  • With the launch of this website the stats increased quickly and who see the site reach 6-10 countries on a weekly basis.  
  • The blog design was changed during the launch timeframe, with short videos being imbedded into many of the blog articles, reducing the need for a text heavy blog.  
  • The small blog was connected to make one blog page and also a sub menu to make navigation to the blogs easier