The full package 

The Mission 

Revival College is the training arm of an Australian based Christian pentevotal movement. They offer variety of Vocational & Higher Educational courses, with a specific niche of online courses offered through their provider partner.  

The CRC College of Ministry first commenced in the 1970's and had been offering a range of courses as various levels since that time. In the early 2000 the College adopted the name CRC Training, but was looking to a rebrand that would extend to outside their own movement. 

Design Brief

The college was looking to rebrand their name and update their image to represent who they where in a new, flesh and contempory way. The project included designing a a new logo, brand book website and print collateral to showcase the new look and direction. The brand was required to reflect in all areas, from the logo to website; and print material. The organisation needed a logo that would closely resemble their movement look and feel


The logo was required to link with main movements branidng, and to incorporate the four new core values 

Colors & Fonts 

The client team had various options on branding colors but wanted to communicate excitment, youthfulness and creativity. 


Photography & Visuals 

The client brief was to use stock images that endeavoured to closely represent the college studnet body. 

Delivery Timeframe

The project was due to happen over a 9-12 month timeframe from late 2020. 

The Process...

  • The organisation needed approval from the movement to start the process. As the team decided this after working with them closely.
  • Since this was a big project and with a tight timeline the project had to be divided into few simple phases;  
    • Phase One: Logo design  
    • Phase Two: Website design  
    • Phase Three: Production deadlines meant that both the website and print collateral needed to be developed at the same time; to ensure all materials where complete for the movements national Conference and rebrand launch.  
  • Due to the size of the expected website, WordPress was chosen as the platform. This also allowed for future growth as the college stepped into new endeavours.

The stats

  • This project ran through COVID from August 2020 until the launch in 2021; overall the project took around 9-10 months.  
  • 324+ hours from start to finish  
  • The completed website was 31 pages 
  • Print production materials included
    • business cards
    • two information booklets
    • prospectus
    • pull up banner design   

The Struggles...

  • Being a covid project and working with a committee who were all remote to each other created some hurdles to navigate. The unique approval process whereby a national committee also had to view and sign off on works meant that the project slowed at various points. 
  • Covid restrictions and the remote nature of the team meant that sourcing photography for the project was very difficult, and it was therefore decided that at a later date image would be upgraded when a photographer could be engaged.  
  • Just 6 months prior to the rebrand commencing the college also changed its partner organisation so all the information on courses shifted, which had a flow on effect to finalising the wording and layout of the website phase.  
Leadership Hours (2)
Leadership Hours

The Wins 

  • When the approval for wording from all tiers in the approval chain started to happen with greater speed, the project gained momentum and speed.
  • The flow of the website course pages was user-friendly even though information was still being confirmed right up to the launch day.  
  • The college launched a new resources section on the website to attract both students and pastors. 
  • Stock images were used through the website and print collateral, mixed with some older client photos which were enhanced in photoshop. The college photos of team, alumni and current students has given the site a unique look.  
  • The font style was selected because it mirrors the movements look and feel. Bringing   the two organisations closer together with a familiar resemblance.
  • The colours used highlighted a simple clean look which the college required from its initial brief.  
  • The layout of the courses pages assists with easy navigation of resources allowing them to be easily searched.
  • The layout of the prospectus was thoughtful to allow the reader follow a familiar pattern to the website, where they can access all required information.  
  • A QR code with a static link to the website was introduced to the prospectus. This was to assist with making it evergreen for a 2–3-year period instead of requiring an annual update.  
  • The college gained over 100 views in the first month with no ads and multiple reviews.  

Their Story 

Revival College worked with the Mimshack team recently for our relaunching our rebranding project. We found them to be friendly, well-resourced and in tune with our needs as we transitioned from the old marketing systems to our updated social and online systems. We highly recommend Mimshack Resources, and have enjoyed the journey they took with us over the last 12 months.  

C. Carmody  
National Training Director