New name, new look, new language 


The Mission 

Reveal Church, a religious organisation based in south-eastern suburbs of Melbourne. Reveal Church runs a campus model style church. After 40 years they embarked on a name change as part of their rebrand.  This rebrand included refining the lanuage surrouding their mission, vision and core values. 

Design Breif 

The project actually involeed three design agencies, we were only invovled in the web development. Along with the name change the client wanted to have a fresh, simple and easily to navigate website, and thats where we came in. They required a website with the ability to expand, alongside their campus locations growth.  

Colors and Fonts 

The client provided a logo and brandbook as they had been working with another design agency for this task, who had creted textures, various logos and elements for print designs. 

Photography & Visuals 

Upon creation of the website the client chose to use stock images, and to engage a photographer at a later stage to capture images of their congregations. 

Delivery Timeframe

We where requested to jump into the project quite late in the stage and from the time we where commissioned until there launch date was just 5 weeks.

The process...

Initially a theme was determined by the graphic designer's brand book, with adjustments to allow the best user experience. We built a fully custom website on WordPress, as it allowed for the greatest flexibility in design and provided a place for growth as the church began new minsitries or strated new campus.  

The church home page was designed to capture the essence of the new branding, giving the user a palce to discover more about the church, in particular the main campus which is the main focus of the information provided. 

The Stats 

The project was done in conjunction with another freelancer who had previously completed the logo and brandbook.

  • 27 pages
  • 5 week turnaround
  • 210 hours to complete 

The Struggles...

  • This project was commissioned during the COVID Lockdowns so all communication with the client was facilitated over zoom. This presented a few issues, as working 100% remote and online was new to everyone and some people where still becoming familiar with the software and technology.  
  • Due to covid stock pictures or old pictures had to be used as a fill in to allow the website go live by the rebrand launch date; which happened 100% online, again due to COIVD Lockdowns in Melbourne.  
  • Logo was used instead of staff pictures, as we need a way to bring a base level of images to the site, while accessing a photographer was not permitted due to the restrictions being faced. 
  • The pandemic and the changing restriction rules meant the project needed to be navigated through a time of constant change, and the client team at time shad more pressing matters to address which placed pressure on an already tight timeline.  

The wins

  • New features for the client where a live stream page and a giving button. These new features allow site visitors to quickly access to the live stream, and use online giving via a Tithely, a new giving style platform.  
  • The website allowed users to quickly access the livestream 
  • The new ministry and campus layout makes it easy for each campus to update their information with ease