A new look and feel 


The Mission 

To create a functional website, steamlining the writing associations resouces and priving a way for exisiting and new members to access and use the site in a funcitonal and user-friendly manner.

Design Brief

This design brief aims to marry functionality with aesthetics, creating a digital space that not only informs but also captivates and connects users seamlessly, including;

  • Develop a clean and intuitive home page layout that provides a snapshot of the website's key offerings.
  • Design a dynamic events section that showcases upcoming activities, making it easy for users to discover and participate
  • Create a secure and user-friendly members portal for personalized experiences.
    Include features for account management, exclusive content access, and community interaction.
  • Design a section dedicated to freebies, offering valuable resources or promotional materials to engage and delight users. Ensure easy download or access options for a seamless user experience.
  • Develop a comprehensive resources section that organizes and presents valuable information in an easily digestible format.


A simple, modern, miniamilist logo which stayed away from traditonal writing icons artwork was requested by the writeers committee.

Colors & Fonts 

It was decided after numerous color versions where presented that the logo color should match the exisiting logo (below left) for a consistency throught the transition. 


Photography & Visuals 

The client brief was to use stock images that endeavoured to closely represent the organisation face to face and online gathering. Some recent conference photos where also used as images are throughtout the site.

Delivery Timeframe

Orginally the project was just for a new website, but during the early staged the clients decided to brand. We then added a new state to the project where we logo and branding design elemnts where created.

The Process...

Since this was a big project the project had to be divided into few simple phases;  

  • Phase One: Logo design  
  • Phase Two: Website design    
  • Due to the size of the expected website, WordPress was chosen as the platform. This also allowed for future growth as Omega Writers stepped into new endeavours.

The stats

  • This project ran from November 2022 to August 2023
  • The completed website was 10+pages, as well as an exlsuinve members portal

The Struggles...

  • As with many large committee based projects, there can be timing issues; however, our client was diligent in removing these obsticals, to ensure a smooth process.
  • Adding an extra stage to the project created some time delays, but the end result was well liked by the client and their writting community.



 The final word...

Mimshack put together a very professional looking website for our writers organisation, together with a branding package and lovely logo, reflecting our vision for our future, and connecting well with our intended audience. Thanks so much!