A new look at New Life

The Mission 

Explore our new website project capturing the heart of a seaside town. We blend the vibes of a  bookstore, cozy cafĂ©, and vibrant youth ministry in an easy-to-use design. Our goal? Connect the community in fresh ways online. From books to coffee and youth activities, we're crafting a simple, welcoming space that reflects the town's coastal charm and vibe in this local church.

Design Brief

To create a new website with a specialised landing page for their youth program. The youth program had an established social media presence, so that was to inform the color dicrection and look and feel of the main website. 

It was also requested that the website include external links to other ministries which the church is in partnership with around the world. 


The logo suite was provided by the client. It included a logo for the organsation and each department.  

Colors & Fonts 

The client requested that the color scheme be drawn from the their youth programs Instagram page which already has traction within the community. 


Photography & Visuals 

The client provided photographs from various events whcih where to be used throughtout the site. 

The main header image was choosen from our design team, but is from the township which the church is located in and would be recognisable to local web traffic. 

Delivery Timeframe

The project was to be undertaken over a 10 week time frame. 

The Process...

  • The organisation has a board which was required to approve all design and layout prior, a smaller appointed team worked with the Mimshack team on the project. 
  • The Mimshack team work closely with the client via zoom and face-to-face meetings over the course of the project. 
  • WordPress was chosen as the platform. 

The stats

  • This project ran through from August 2022 until the launch in March 2023; overall the project took around 8 months.  

The Struggles...

  • The client's project team changed two times during the project, which caused delays with accessing the required information for the design process. These changes added significant amounts of time to the project
  • The client also experienced delays with their host provider, which caused a small flow on effect to the project.  
  • Finalising external documanetation to be added to the site. It was agreed to havnd over the site, prior to its completion.

The Wins 

  • The main header images is well received with the client team, as it represents a common visitor spot of Warrnambool locals. 
  • The youth landing page has helped promote the youth minsitry to the greater community.
  • The client loves that local photos have been intergrated throught out site, giving visitors a true sence of this community church.