BTS: Mimshack's sister organisation

The Mission 

Mimshack shop is a Christian clothing company specialising in t-shirts, hoodies and joggers.  Mimshack Shop also happens to be the sister company of Mimshack Resources. 

Design Brief

Have a modern simplistic design that has one page flow to each page 


Logo was created to mimic Mimshack resources, after viewing a few options it was decide to stay with yellow look instead of choosing a secondary colour for the brand book.

Colors & Fonts 

As this is our sister organisation, we decided to keep the fonts as closely related to the Mimshack Resources look as possible 


Photography & Visuals 

The site included some stock pictures while we awaited a time to do a model shoot for the shop. 

Delivery Timeframe

We worked on this project in and around other gigs. 

The Process...

  • We chose to use WIX a the platfrom for this project, as it best suited out needs for payments, security and our suppliers intergrations. 
  • Our goal was to establish a platfrom which was user friendly for our customers, as well as supported systems to which required minimum daily engagement from our team.
  • We wanted to create a site with a one-page feel that makes the viewer scroll down the page and collect all the information, without having their attention shifted by distracting background elements. 

The stats

  • The project took 5 months to design while the website was created over a three months period.
  • Total hours approximately 256 
  • This is a five page website, which links to varioust thirdparty intergrations to assist with payments and dispatching of orders.  

The Struggles...

  • The challenge was the testing and development surrounding having numerous platforms work seamlessly, ensuring the customers received the information they required but that the supplier process for dispatching orders is also automated and seamless.  
  • Creating a simple design with minimum animations so the visitors don’t feel overwhelmed 
  • Being a new brand there are no brand ambassadors or models, so we needed to find a creative solution for product images.    

The Wins 

  • Wix automations proved to be easier connecting both the client and the supplier then expected 
  • The Wix platform automation extends to provide receipts, welcome emails and many more required written communications.  
  • The website page was easy to navigate and having the founder featured on the home page made it easy to get the clients trust and give the brand a personal touch. 
  • The FAQ in the home page gives the user a quick view of any questions they may have, with a full range of questions being answered elsewhere on the site.  
  • The Instagram feed provides a way for guest to follow social media; as well as gaining a closer-knit community.  
  • The website attracted 1000+ views from over 9 countries in the first month alone.