Behind the Scenes

A closer look at Mimshack and how it all began

The Mission 

Mimshack Resources is a newly found organisation providing multiple services to allow a digital footprint to small business and not for profit organisations. It is a one stop shop for the most basic needs to provide a great and effective digital footprint. 

Design Brief

Build a website to showcase our design skills yet be easy to navigate.

The main feature was to have the one page feel and a creative page to help the eye capture the reader all the way down each and every page 


Logo & Brandbook

In 2020 when we first began we designed a logo and brandbook which included brand colors, fonts, photography tips, stationary - the whole suite of goods needed to get any small buiness up and running. 

Colors & Fonts 

The brandbook we had created in 2020 includes fonts for print publication and our online presence. 

A primary and secondary color pallette are used across the Mimshack brand and sister organisations. 


Photography & Visuals 

We chose to use a lot of stock images, as often times our clients need to. We wanted to showcase that a unique and creative look can be achieved even when using stock images. 

Delivery Timeframe

The project was due to happen over a 9-12 month timeframe in and around other projects.

The Process...

  • This a yearlong project as this is the start of our business as you know it. Figuring out everything from hosting, to what services we provide, and bringing the team together proved to be a journey and an interesting one at that. With the ability and desire to grow bigger we decided to use WordPress as our platform, as it allows us to create the custom look and feel we desire. 

The stats

  • This project took 1 year  
  • The hours spent on this is unable to be calculated as it there are so many conversations which are about all aspects of the business, and not just the website which showcases the to the world just some of those discussions.    

The Struggles...

  • Trying to capture our vision and mission in a clear and succinct manner  
  • Not trying to get too creative and carried away and remain on point (it's hard when it's your own adventure)  
  • Selecting and sourcing images that represented our brand 

The Wins 

  • We managed to use Canva to assist in our build, from pictures to the desired look and feel of the final product. Being a project so near to us we had a vision which was sometimes hard to place words around, so this helped us communicate with our developers to took our vision to the next level.  
  • With a lot of hours behind the planning process we managed to deliver a website that we can showcase some features we know our clients will love.  
  • Finally, we have done things in a unique way with a lot of information thru out the website to provide the visitor with all the information they need to know and wish to understand. Armed with a great home page that provides visitors with everything they need without spending too much time navigating trying to find their desired answers to questions. 

Our Story 

We may be biased – but we love what our team has helped us create!