The Mission

This mission sat close to home. We have a few advetnrues running, which means we want them to have design elements which pull together, without them looking same same.

The Acts website, also has a few WhatApp groups associate with it, but sit aligned to the Mimshack brand.

The goal was to create a logo which reflected the heart behind the website and WhatApp groups while having a subtle visual link to the Mimshack family. 

 The logo also needed the abilty to be crafted in such a way that each WhatsApp group can have its indivdiual purpose easily recognised while staying aligned to the broader vision.


Design Brief

The designer received a few key words such as miracles,God, Jesus and continuing. 


Colors and Fonts

The color and font choices where very simple, handwriting or brushstroke and red.



Delivery Timeframe

As an inhouse project this the timeframe was ASAP while working around other deadlines.


The process...

The benefits on inhouse projects are that you know what you need and can quickly move through the design stages because the team is already aligned in vision. Our designer had three concepts to us in what seemed like moments. From there we choses elements we liked from all three concepts to come up with the base design. The red element proved to be a bit of a back and forth until we eventually decided to use the swish from the Mimshack logo; which was the simple solution we had been looking for to bring The Acts into visual alignment with the Mimshack family. Sometimes the simple solution is the best; and in this case we think it was!