A country upgrade

The Mission 

To create a website that encapulated the heart of this thriving country church, showcasing all that it offers to its community. As the church has been fully online over the Covid era, the clients where keen to showcase its online content, and requeted that sermons be a feature of their new site.

Design Brief

The church was after a simple design which highlighed the following elements:

  • service times, location and campus
  • opportunity for online giving
  • clear contact details
  • brief mission and vision statements 
  • building project details
  • a concise overview of all ministries offered
  • highlighted online content


The church's main logo, and departement logos where all supplied by the church.


Colors & Fonts 

Their was no set color or fonts requested by this client, however, as they are located hear the Grampians in Victoria, they did lean towards colors which reflected their local area.


A quick glance at the previous website


Photography & Visuals 

The client was able to provide their own photographs, as they had a semi professional within their community who volutneered their services.

Delivery Timeframe

As our client new the value of a new and updated website, they asked us for special consideration to have a logner project. This enabled them to fundraise for the project prior to offically commencing work on it. It was a real privledge to see how dedicated they where to the entire project.

The Process...

Drawing inspiration from the innovative team at Mimshack Resources, we proudly unveil our latest design triumph for a Hamilton-based church nestled near the Grampians. Here's a glimpse into what we've seamlessly accomplished for our esteemed client:

 Service Times, Location & Campus Clarity: We ingeniously crafted an intuitive layout, ensuring visitors effortlessly access crucial information about service times, dual location, and the building project currently underway.

Crystal-Clear Contact Details: Communication is key. Our design strategically places clear contact details, facilitating seamless connections within the church community.

Mission & Vision Statements with Impact: We distilled the essence of the church's mission and vision into concise, impactful statements, serving as beacons guiding the community's spiritual journey.

Architectural Dreams Unveiled: Immerse in the unfolding narrative of growth and transformation with an elegant showcase of building project details, breathing life into the church's architectural aspirations.

Step into the realm where design meets purpose, as Mimshack weaves a digital sanctuary resonating with the spirit of Hamilton, Victoria, and the majesty of the Grampians. Join us as we celebrate another milestone in our portfolio — a testament to our commitment to design excellence and client success.

A sneak peak at the new site...