The full package 

The Mission 

African Action International (AAI) has been an organisation helping in various parts of Africa. This organisation runs different projects, helping different nations in Africa. The goals where to

  • organise the existing website information
  • showcase the three nations which AAI support and help in Africa.
  • create a website requiring minimum for updates, as this is facilitated by the organisation's volunteers. 

Design Brief

  • AAI is a board run not for profits who needed a webiste which was easy for visitors to locate information, make donations and to recieve updates on what is happening on the ground in the nations they support. 


The logo was provided by the client and has been in use for many years. 

Colors & Fonts 

The client did not have a brand style guide, so the fonts chosed where simple and easy to read. We also selected a color palette which was a visual reminder of much of the african landscape. 


Photography & Visuals 

The client was able to provide many many photos, however, due to low quality some stock images are used to ensure the overall webiste quality is not compromised. 

Delivery Timeframe

The project was due to happen over a 3-6 months period as a volutneer committee oversees the running of the organisation.

The Process...

  • The project started with simply transferring the current material to a new and contemporary design. At the first review the clients committee realized the need to update all material and wording, which subsequently shifted the direction of the project.  
  • After close analysis on how the website was to be used, and the wording was recrafted and a third-party giving platform, Tithely, was Intergrated into the website.  
  • Wix was selected as chosen platform for the web build, as the volunteers who would be maintaining the site where already familiar with its usage.

The stats

  • This project took 6 months due to the volunteer committee having to revisit the goals of the project.
  • This project was completed during COVID the project which hindered client approval as they desired face to face meetings which could not be facilitated during some restriction periods.   
  • Total hours spend 168 hours 
  • This is a 15-page websit  

The Struggles...

  • COVID and syncing with the client proved to be difficult due to unforeseen circumstances  
  • The pictures desired were not of great quality so could not be easily used in the site development.  
  • The website rebuild morphed into something different as the old website had information that wasn’t correct to begin with, and in places the direction had changed meaning everything needed to be reviews and updated.

The Wins 

  • The website was handed in and with the integration of tithely to the site you can give to the organisation in different ways 
  • The information on the site is more up to date making it valid and attractive to new users 
  • The AAI website now has a blog section making it easy for new stories to be added and updated. This is a new feature that their previous websites did not include.   
  • The visitor count went up and above all the vision and mission of the organisation became clear and evident.

Their Story

It has been a significant journey for us oldies to visualise the wonderful improvements that you could see to improve our web presence. Also, to have all the Board have significant input into the process has been invaluable.  

So, a big big thanks for sticking with us for so long to get us across the finish line.  

Max (AAI Board Member)